Teaching materials

Beginning with the Piazza del Duomo and its splendid Cathedral, Baptistery, and Leaning Tower – a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a symbol of Pisa around the globe – a path has been laid out by means of the “Teaching materials” to explore the history, architecture, art and archeology of Tuscany and Pisa, and to encourage the interest of the younger generation in the cultural legacy of one of the most important capitals of art in Italy.

The contest was conceived with this goal in mind, and participants are invited to complete a project using their creativity, powers of observation, and what they have learned by researching the theme. Working in a team made up of classmates or the entire class, participants may produce a drawing, photograph, work of graphic art or short video that represents an interpretation of the Pisan Romanesque style. This could, for example, be applied to a contemporary work of architecture and contain references to the main characteristics of the Romanesque period of architecture, using the approach of comparison, contrast or similitude.

Resources: The Romanesque Style | The Romanesque Style in Pisa  | The Cathedral of Pisa | The Baptistery of Pisa | The Leaning TowerRomanesque churches in Pisa | Romanesque buildings in the pisan territory | Download area