The series of contests called “Pisan Romanesque meets…” is open to students enrolled in secondary schools or universities of Italy and other countries – United States (2014/2015) and Japan (2016) so far.
The competition, which is part of a broader collaboration between Toscana Promozione/Economic Promotion Agency of Tuscany, Camera di Commercio di Pisa/Chamber of Commerce of Pisa, Comune di Pisa/Municipality of Pisa, Comune di Volterra/Municipality of Volterra, Opera del Duomo di Pisa and Società Storica Pisana/ Pisa’s History Society, aims to teach young people all over the world about the “Pisan Romanesque” / “romanico pisano” /ピサンロマネスク style and to promote the appreciation of this chapter in the history of Italian culture in schools and families.

Each edition of the contest has its own section on this website:

Italia                      America                      Giappone

The contest

To stimulate the interest in this subject, the contest challenges an entire class, a group of students or an individual student to apply the features of the style that is typified by the famous Leaning Tower and the Duomo creatively to objects, paintings, buildings or the urban infrastructure that form part of their everyday experience and to interpret this medieval style in an original work of visual art contrasting, comparing, or creating a fusion between the old and the new.
The entry may take the form of a drawing, photograph, work of graphic art, or short video film.

Each edition of the contest has a section Contest Rules / Regole del concorso / コンテストの規則 containing the contest rules, guidelines and instructions, all the required forms, FAQs and other information useful for participating in the contest.

Teaching materials

In section Teaching materials / Materiali didattici / 教材 a path has been laid out to explore the history, architecture, art and archeology of Tuscany and Pisa, and to encourage the interest of the younger generation in the cultural legacy of one of the most important capitals of art in Italy.



For ended editions, in section Winners / Vincitori  / 受賞者 are published the winning artworks and data about the winners, as well as the final comment of the Committee.

Winners and honorable mentions

American edition / Edizione americana / アメリカ : New York – San Francisco 
Japanese edition / Edizione giapponese / 日本 : Tokyo