Contest rules

The goal of the contest – The Pisan Romanesque Meets Contemporary America – is to teach students in the cities of San Francisco and New York about the Pisan Romanesque period and to promote the appreciation of this chapter in the history of Italian culture in schools and families.

The Società Storica Pisana (Pisa’s History Society, Italy) invites classes in grades 9 to 12 from high schools in San Francisco and New York to submit original artwork inspired (in terms of similitude or contrast) by the architectural style known as “Pisan Romanesque”.
The theme of the contest  challenges students to apply the features of the style that is typified by the famous Leaning Tower and the Duomo creatively to objects, paintings, buildings, gardens or the urban infrastructure that form part of their everyday experience in San Francisco and New York City and to interpret this medieval style in an original work of visual art (drawing, painting, video, mixed media).

Two first prizes will be awarded for the best entries submitted by students, group or class, from San Francisco (city and Bay Area) and from New York (city and State), respectively (cash prizes).
Honorable mention for a work submitted by a group or class from San Francisco and for a work submitted by a group or class  from New York (prizes will include books on Italian art and handcrafted items made by artisans working in the Tuscan tradition).
The teachers of the first prize winners (group or class) in San Francisco and New York will be awarded a one-week holiday in Pisa in June 2015 to enjoy the annual festival “Giugno Pisano”.

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